Oh No! Adobe to End Lightroom as Standalone Product at End of 2017

Well, there are going to be more than a few disgruntled photographers with this announcement. Coupled with the announcement of updates for a range of cameras, Adobe also informed Lightroom users that the final update for the product would arrive by the end of the year. This signals what many fear is the final transition […]

A Brief History of Digital Photography

In 1999 I bought my first digital camera, it was an Olympus C2000, a compact camera with zoom lens and a class beating, for the time, 2mp resolution. For the previous 12 years I had been a photographer working on 35mm film, yet despite it’s dire ergonomics, poor image quality and even poorer speed, even then, I could see that digital was going to change the face of photography forever. So where did this road to digital imaging start? Today we will have a look back at a brief timeline in the history of digital imaging.