7 Guides With Practical Ideas To Capture Magical Golden Hour Photos

Golden hour is one of the most sought after and appreciated time of the day for photography and with the sun low in the horizon and everything glowing in golden hues, this time of the day can help to capture stunning photographs from landscapes, architecture, portraits to even street photography. Here are some resources that will help with some practical ideas to capture magical photos during the golden hour.

Understanding The Sunny 16 Rule

Once upon a time during the film era of photography…photographers had to keep a light meter handy at all times so they could take readings to get proper exposures. Experimenting on-scene was simply out of the question; it was expensive and time consuming. Being caught without a light meter — or several other pieces of gear that we take for granted in modern times — meant trouble; but just in case that ever happened, photographers devised various principles and guidelines designed to help them navigate their fully manual cameras. Among the most famous of those guidelines is the “sunny 16 rule.”