21 Photos Of Rainy Cityscapes


While rain certainly isn't the favorite weather condition for photographers, you can capture pretty amazing photographs in the rain if you know what settings to use and how to play with composition and lighting. Rain is ideal for romantic portraits and hazy, surreal landscapes and cityscapes. In case you decide to shoot in the rain, don't forget to play with reflections in puddles or experiment with low-light or long-exposure photography.

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rainy street
Photo by Jack Finnigan
rain bokeh
Photo by Joyce Romero
rainy empty street
Photo by Mohammad Saaraan
rainy street silhouettes
Photo by Gil Ribeiro
gray window rain
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez
people with umbrellas street
Photo by Ryoji Iwata
woman in the rain
Photo by Rich Soul
rain autumn leaves
Photo by Eilis Garvey
pigeons rainy street
Photo by Fraser Cottrell
raindrops window
Photo by Robin van der Ploeg
rainy summer cityscape
Photo by Jorge Roman

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raindrops cloudy skies
Photo by Valentin Muller
red umbrella
Photo by Erik Witsoe
window with raindrops
Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters
rainy cityscape old city
Photo by Viacheslav Bida
red umbrella portrait
Photo by Aline de Nadai
reflection rain city
Photo by Dan Calderwood
hazy window rainy day
Photo by Alexander Popov
woman looking through a rainy window
Photo by Alec Douglas
street portrait rainy day
Photo by Jon Ly
raindrops window
Photo by Eilis Garvey

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This is an impressive collection that really showcases how rain presents opportunities for artistic expression and encourages us to venture out, experiment, and embrace the beauty that can be found in the rain.

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